Cost $85: Includes meals, conference, student book, recreational activity and t-shirt
Our theme for DNOW 2024 is INVERSE.  When Jesus spoke, His teachings were the inverse of what culture was and is saying. It was the opposite of what we would assume to be true. This year we will explore some of the most challenging and controversial teachings of Jesus. One of the most common truths that have regularly been applied to the person of Jesus is the fact that He comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. Yes, Jesus said and demonstrated the most loving, accepting, and grace-filled things. However, He also said some of the most complicated truths that even perplexed the people who knew Him best. Why? Because Jesus taught both grace AND truth! So, if we want to have the power to truly change our lives and this world, learning how to navigate the tensions between Jesus’ teachings on grace and truth is essential. Therefore, during  DNOW 2024, we will highlight four counter cultural claims made by Jesus.