How to engage in the reading plan

The first step is to download the church app - links below

Go to the Church app and click the Bible at the bottom there you will see a calendar icon. That is where you will find the reading for each day. Pastor Jason will send a notification every morning with a short commentary as well as a video intro to each book.  If you don't get a message from pastor Jason make sure you go to the top left of the app and click settings and notifications. There you will see the reading plan and make sure it is green. There is also an inbox when you click the top left with all messages sent if you get behind or want to go back.

On the top right of the app you will see a message icon.  There you can join all sorts of groups and one is the Bible Reading Plan.  Here you can share questions, encouragements and even prayer requests.  

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Be Encouraged - Below are some testimonies from our church

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